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School district
 unfolds '20 plan
by Zack Steen
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Planning for the future.

The Alcorn School District Board of Education approved a four-year strategic plan earlier this week. The plan focuses on areas of needed improvement within the district, including goals for academics, technology, security, facilities and bus fleet.

“It’s a living document,” said board president Randy Wilbanks. “One we can add to as we move into the future and hopefully accomplish certain goals.”

Currently a B-rated school district, the board hopes to be A-rated by the year 2020. They also hope to keep the graduation rate steady at 90 percent or more.

Attendance rate is also on the improvement list. The board wants to increase ADA from 94 to 96 percent.

College and Career Ready goals include an average score of 21 or above on the ACT. Currently, juniors average 19.1, while seniors average 18.9.

According to the plan, 98 percent of the district’s current graduates meet College or Career Readiness Standards by meeting ACT benchmarks for entry into higher education or earn National Certification in a career technical field.

A plan to improve literacy has also been put into place.

Current reading proficiency for grades 3-8 is 39 percent. The board wants to hit 50 percent proficiency by 2020. English II proficiency is currently 51.7 percent with a four-year goal of improving it to 60 percent.

Math proficiency is also addressed.

With a current proficiency level of 36.7 percent in grades 3-8, the board wants to increase proficiency to 50 percent. Algebra I proficiency is currently 46.5 percent and members want to raise that number to 55 percent.

Steps the district plan to take to achieve these improvements in Math and Literacy include adopting a screening instrument, training teachers how to change instruction for students based upon the screening results, adopting a more rigorous curriculum, continue to build on professional development which addresses specific standards with low student scores and hold summer sessions to address reading and math deficits.

Technology infrastructure improvements and the one-to-one Initiative will also continue to be a school district goal.

Within four-years, the district plans to implement one-to-one for grades K-4 where each student will have a device during school hours only.

Prior to transitions into one-to-one, middle schoolers will each get four device carts for every one student while high schoolers will get five device carts for every one student.

Safety and security goals include increasing the number of security cameras in all buildings and replacing exterior doors with security doors.

The district wants to add cameras on all buses as well. Currently, 17 buses need cameras which cost $1,500 each.

Facility improvement plans call to replace 150,000 square feet of roofs on existing buildings, install energy efficient windows in buildings 30 years in age or older, increase LED lighting by 10 percent each year, add classrooms at Alcorn Central and Kossuth, renovate Alcorn Central High School Band Hall, add a agriculture facility at ACHS and renovate a pre-k building at Kossuth Elementary School.

Bus fleet plans call for the replacement of all buses 10-years-old or older.

Many of improvements and goals outlined in the district’s 2017-2020 strategic plan have already begun throughout the district, including the replacement of roofs.

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