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Loving those vehicle commercials about safety
by Lora Ann Huff
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Don’t you just love Subaru commercials?

I don’t own a Subaru, have never even ridden in one – but if I was depending on TV advertisements to help me choose a vehicle, I would head straight to the Subaru dealer.

Their commercials strike right in the heart – of this mother, at least. Their SUV is supposed to be the top safety pick and have the most dependable vehicle rating in 2016 by Kelley’s Blue Book people. And the ads naturally show people who have walked away from terrible car accidents because of the safety features built into the Subaru.

The TV ads show parents bringing their newborn home from the hospital – and also sending the grown-up child off to college in these “safe and dependable” vehicles. From today’s shiny new designs to the older SUV’s with an off-colored replacement door, they’re seen to be sturdy and dependable.

I don’t know who the writers are for these advertisements, but I can identify with their ideas. They know how to get our attention.

What parents are not concerned about the safety of their children? We want to haul them safely to kindergarten, turn them loose in a dependable vehicle when they first begin to drive, and then send them to college in something that will be structurally safe and mechanically dependable.

Most of the car and truck manufacturers show off their shiny new vehicles and appeal to our lust for class and glitz, but Subaru appeals to our heartstrings. They know the first concern for us parents is safety and dependability, not chrome and sleekness.

… So as I was watching one of the advertisements and thinking about the safety of our children, I was reminded that although a dependable vehicle is wonderful, the safety net of salvation and eternal security are even more important. When we’re raising our kids and sending them off to college, the most important thing they can have is a keen knowledge of who God is and what they have decided to do with Jesus.

When I left home for college, yes, I needed a safe way to get there, but more than that, I needed the solid foundation that had been established during my growing-up years at home and in my church. I knew that regardless of where I was, Someone more powerful than any earthly force was with me. Beyond any shadow of doubt, I knew it!

As I listened to a supposedly smart speaker tell us that the historical parts of the Bible are just hand-me-down stories, not factual accounts, I knew what to do with his words. My mother had taught me better than that a long time ago!

When I heard a student ask a teacher to “prove” to him that there is a God in the first place, I was so thankful for the people in my past who had already helped me find answers to such questions. The teacher gave the best answer he could but knew the student would have to keep searching until he experienced God for himself.

I’m doing all this rambling to say that in our vehicles, whether they are new and shiny or older and dull in color, we should be driving our children and grandchildren to a good, Bible-based church on a regular basis. As we teach them about the wonders of God at home, they need desperately to be involved in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Awana – anything that helps build the strong foundation they can stand on when faced with all the challenges of adulthood later on.

… So yes, I love the Subaru commercials and maybe one day they will do one that shows the family piling into the SUV to go to Easter Sunday service. Wouldn’t that be a good one?

(Lora Ann Huff is a Wenasoga resident and special columnist for the Daily Corinthian. Her column appears Friday. She may be reached at 1774 CR 700, Corinth, MS 38834.)
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