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Murder trial: Jury views store video footage
by Jebb Johnston
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Jurors viewed surveillance footage showing events leading to the shooting of store clerk Kris Ledlow as prosecutors sought to tie Micah Allan Bostic to the crime on Tuesday in Alcorn County Circuit Court.

Defense Attorney Greg Meyer, meanwhile, aims to cast doubt on the presence of Bostic on the morning of Feb. 1, 2016, when Ledlow was fatally shot at the Mapco Express gas station on Highway 72 East. He said the various expert witnesses who will testify can't say the defendant was present.

"The only person that can tell you Micah Bostic was there is Brooklyn Traylor, and he is not credible,” said Meyer.

In opening remarks, Meyer said there is "no credible evidence" proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Bostic, who is on trial for capital murder, was at the gas station.

In a darkened courtroom, jurors viewed several minutes of surveillance footage and heard the dramatic bursts of gunfire and cries from the store clerk. Later, they viewed a videotaped interview of Bostic by detectives with the Corinth Police Department.

In his opening remarks, Assistant District Attorney David Daniels set the scene, describing how another customer had come and gone and no one was around when Traylor and Bostic entered the store about 5:38 a.m., with Traylor wearing a striped, hooded sweatshirt and Bostic wearing a solid blue sweatshirt.

After the two picked up a couple of items in the store, Daniels said Traylor made a mistake as he said to his accomplice, “What did you get, Drop?” Bostic is said to be known as “Drop.”

With Traylor standing in front of the cashier while Bostic acts as lookout, Daniels said Traylor brandishes the firearm, a pink Ruger 9 mm pistol.

Bostic can be heard “directing Traylor how to hold the gun” as the 17-year-old attempts to rob the clerk, Daniels said.

After the 43-year-old store clerk hit the panic alarm and Traylor fired multiple times, the two young men fled the store. Daniels said Bostic tossed his hooded shirt into a dumpster near the gas station, while Traylor’s shirt was discovered in the back yard of a nearby residence on Sara Lane, apparently left there as Traylor headed toward Walmart.

Joshua Ballard testified that Traylor approached him at the Wash Town car wash on Highway 72 and asked for a ride. He also offered to sell Ballard a pink 9 mm Ruger pistol before Ballard dropped him off at the J.B. Combs Apartments on Cass Street.

Ballard purchased the firearm and, some time later, heard about what happened at the Mapco. He contacted Police Chief Ralph Dance to ask about what kind of weapon had been used. Dance testified that Traylor had already been identified as a suspect, and he arranged to meet with Ballard to collect the weapon.

Daniels said two bullets sent to the crime lab from the shooting were determined to have been fired from the pink Ruger.

Judge Paul Funderburk denied a motion by Meyer to suppress a portion of the taped interview with Bostic in which he refers to a prior armed robbery conviction.

In the video of Bostic speaking with detectives Jerry Rogers and Dell Green, Bostic requests an attorney but then talks at length, denying any involvement in the crime. He suggests that he is being accused because he is the “best possible match,” noting his tattoos and a prior conviction.

In the interview, he said he wouldn’t kill anyone.

“It don’t even sit right with me when I have an argument with my sister,” he said.

Bostic also makes some reflective statements about himself and the people with whom he associated.

“I’m often misunderstood by everybody,” he said.

Daniels said the death penalty is not being sought in the case.

The state will resume presenting its case Wednesday morning.
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